Frequently asked Questions about certification and credentialing for the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

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1 1. Who is eligible for this certification program?
2 2. Is there a difference between the requirements for veterinarians versus technicians, physical therapists, or physical therapist assistants?
3 3. Who should write my letters of recommendation?
4 4. Why do I need to have the letters written by a credentialed professional?
5 5. What do I do if there aren’t any credentialed professionals in my area?
6 6. What information should be included in these letters?
7 7. What are the continuing education (CE) requirements for IVAPM certification?
8 8. It isn’t easy to find extensive veterinary pain related CE. What are my options to satisfy this requirement?
9 9. Why is the CE requirement 90 hours?
10 10. If I have completed 90 CE hours at an acupuncture or canine rehabilitation program is that all I need to satisfy my IVAPM certification CE requirement?
11 12. How will the test be structured?
12 11. Is there an examination fee?
13 13. Is the test the same for all eligible health professionals?
14 14. What will the test questions cover?
15 15. When and where will the examination take place?
16 16. Is an example examination available?
17 17. Veterinary certification programs generally provide hands-on wet labs and practical examinations. Why doesn’t the IVAPM certification program include something similar?
18 18. How will I verify my skills competency?
19 19. What do I do if there aren’t any credentialed professionals in my area?
20 20. What medications and equipment are required to demonstrate a minimum level of capability as an animal pain practitioner?
21 21. How do I verify that I have the expected medications and equipment?
22 22. What do I do if I am in a position that does not currently allow access to the above medications and equipment?
23 23. Will this program require case report submission?
24 24. What types of cases are eligible for submission?
25 25. What is the Academy looking for in the case reports?
26 26. Will case reports be judged differently for the various professional subgroups?
27 27. What other details pertain to the case reports?
28 28. Is this program exclusionary?
29 29. These requirements seem quite challenging. Is it too tough?
30 30. Why did the Academy select the title, Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner, for this program?
31 31. Will the IVAPM certification title be bestowed for life?
32 32. What would you recommend as a way to achieve the overall requirements while developing the broadest understanding of the various pain management related disciplines?
33 33. Future planning and adaptations include:

For assistance please e-mail ivapm@xmi-amc.com.