Our History

Officially organized in 2003, IVAPM is rich with history and resources. Most importantly, a dedicated group of volunteers set out and developed Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, budgets and strategic plans to set the foundation in place. In 2004, IVAMP participated in it’s first conference and annual membership meeting in conjunction with the ACVA and AVTA. In addition, the IVAPM listserv was launched to begin to address the important benefit of communication and sharing among IVAPM members. And, in the matter of months, IVAPM continued its aggressive focus to create a global organization focused on promoting, enhancing and advancing pain management in animals.

During the next few years, IVAPM’s Board of Directors sought ways to add value and benefit to its growing membership. In spring 2004, the Veterinary Anesthesia & Analgesia Journal was adopted as the official publication. The first Student Chapter was organized, with over 100 students participating. Company sponsors were secured, with Pfizer leading the way with a select Awards program. Outreach to other organizations, including AAPM was begun. The IVAPM website and organization newsletter was launched.   

Today, IVAPM continues to build on the strength of its foundation, expanding membership categories and benefits. In 2004, there were less than 10% of its members outside the United States. As always, the international aspect of IVAPM is of primary importance and today, with IVAPM’s membership in the thousands, 16% of its members are from outside the USA.

In 2009, IVAPM graduated its first class of the Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner credentialing program. Also in 2009, the IVAPM Research and Scholarship Foundation began in earnest to take shape.

The Academy continues to seek to improve the standard of care for treating animals in pain by developing guidelines of care, providing continuing education, promoting humane and ethical research in animal pain and establishing credentialing of veterinary specialists in the area of animal pain management.

For assistance please e-mail ivapm@xmi-amc.com.